Open air toilet

2011-01-01 ·  2081-01-01

March 3, 2019
Interview on NPO radio 1, Carné van den Brink with Brigitte van Bakel, in the program 'wat het daglicht niet verdragen kan'.

September 18, 2017
Comment on broadcasting De Wereld Draait Door
'...against illegal peeing by women...
A judge in the Netherlands recently convicted Geerte Piening for illegal outdoor peeing. The issue needs real attention as facilities for outdoor female sanitation are rare and insufficient. The judge however is not convinced of the raised problem. During his career as a judge he experiences outdoor peeing by women as extremely exceptional.'

Brigitte van Bakel supports 'outdoor peeing' by a design (© 2010 'achter de bosjes') for an open air toilet for ladies & gents 'Behind the bushes', original name 'Achter de bosjes'.

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