City Walk Nijmegen


2014 Startup City Walk Nijmegen NL

Treat your guests to a City walk BENEDENSTAD Nijmegen
Immerse into the revelations of Downtown ‘Benedenstad’ Nijmegen. A touching story with a surprising development from the beginning of the era to the present day. A chance to discover an urban living environment unique to the Netherlands. Architect Brigitte van Bakel takes you on a guided tour.

March 1 - October 1
By appointment only; Check for availability on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10:00 a.m.
02:00 p.m.

Per group: € 100,- excluding VAT 21% (with a maximum of 15 persons). Check for custom arrangements.

The city walk takes about 60 Minutes. Narration in one of the preferred languages: English, German or Dutch.

Sturdy shoes with profiled soles, because there are some stairs and slightly ascending roads.